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Whether for sport, for leisure time or simply underneath

our shirts are very comfortable to wear.

The fine fibers make the shirts breathable and dry very quickly!

Pima cotton t-shirt for women

VAT included. plus shipping and handling: .
  • A special type of cotton is the so-called Pima Cotton, which differs from other types in terms of hair length and thickness. Often referred to as the queen of cotton, the name of Pima Cotton has its origins with the Pima Indians. They first cultivated the valuable cotton species in the United States of America, with traces of cultivation dating back to 3000 BC. To be able to grow Pima Cotton, sufficient moisture and equatorial temperatures are necessary. For this reason, Pima Cotton is mainly grown in Peru. Carefully raised in the coastal valleys, Pima Cotton can be harvested with an absolute shine and incomparable softness. The soft Pima Cotton is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, as it does not scratch and therefore guarantees exceptional comfort.

  • Pima cotton can be machine washed at 30-40 degrees

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