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The solution between comfort, suitability for everyday use and style, because these trousers combine everything in one and let you decide where they should accompany you everywhere. Whether at home, walking, at work or going out in the evening. These pants ensure the full amount of comfort in your outfit all year round.


2 side pockets

One size: 36-44
Material: 93% Rayon, 7% Elastane

tie dye pants

VAT included. plus shipping and handling: .
  • Rayon is manufactured using the so-called viscose process. For this purpose, sawdust is first used, which is obtained, for example, from the wood of spruce or beech, but also from woods such as bamboo and eucalyptus.

    Rayon is comparable to cotton in terms of the fineness and length of the fibers. Since the fibers of the fabric are made from the natural substance cellulose, the rayon fiber is less a synthetic fiber than a natural synthetic fiber or a near-natural fiber. Unlike synthetic fibers, rayon is made from the renewable raw material wood.

    Finally, compared to the production of cotton, the manufacturing process of rayon requires less use of water and energy.

    • at 30 degrees in the delicate wash program or in the gentle cycle
    • liquid detergents for delicates, since powdered detergent with rayon likes to leave residues. In addition, the colors could optically dull here.
    • Rayon should onlykurz  and spun at low speed. After the wash cycle, hang the wet laundry on the clothesline.
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